For students

  • Increased performance
    Learning through fun and immersion makes the access to abstract or complex learning topics easier. The result: a higher learning efficiency! More about it in a study
  • Individualisation
    Our VR learning software is adaptive to the profile of students. Students learn according to their own Pace and can focus on the learning topics they want to develop.
  • Collaboration
    Students can learn and practice with other classmates. Our VR software allows them to interact with their teacher who can also directly answers their questions or problems.

For teachers

  • Time saving
    Our VR software enables teachers to impart difficult learning topics in a easier and more impactful way. The learning material is certified on conformity with the current local curricula. This reduces the workload of teachers and allows them to gain time.
  • Innovation
    Our VR software supplements school courses with innovative learning material and technics. By using it teachers arouse higher attention and biggest interest from their students.
  • Collaboration
    Teachers can interact with students within the VR software and answer directly their questions or give them feedback.

What the Medienscouts say about it

“The Flensburg West school is using VR headsets since December 2017.
Some of their classes have already enjoyed our software and could experience first hand the conditions of atoms.”

What teachers say